– Jozef Kabaň, designer of Škoda moves to BMW

– Actual designer Karim Habib left the company of his own accord

Jozef Kaban, 44 years old designer originally from Slovakia made huge decision in his life. He decided to move from Škoda to main BMW brand.  His sharp shapes became legendary after “4 eyes” facelift of Škoda Octavia. Hate it or love it, I am bringing you look, how Škoda Superb could look like if he wouldn’t move.

BMW said Kaban will replace Karim Habib who left the company “of his own accord,” without elaborating further. BMW also promoted Domagoj Dukec to head the design for BMW’s “i” and “M” subbrands, the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

I wish Kabaň many successfull years in his new position. By the way, did you know he designed in its age the most powerful car in the world? Yes, he stands behind Bugatti and its beast called Veyron!



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