–  Octavia RS could come in coupé version

–  Upgraded version is upped to 227 hp and accelerates in 6,7 seconds

Škoda Octavia RS, flagship of sport Škoda could be revealed as coupé. Hopefully it wouldn’t come in diesel-powered version which sounds bad and got only 181 hp. Petrol sounds way better and its been upped by 10 hp to final 227 hp. RS goes from nothing to 60 mph  in 6,7 seconds and continues to top speed of 250 km/h.

Let me know if you would like to see Octavia in coupé version. Last Škoda coupé was old model Rapid from previous century. You can see this car probably only on my site, Škoda does not plan any coupe so far. Second chance could be with Superb, lets face it next time. I could imagine 2.0 TSI version with 280 horsepower. BY THE WAY sorry but I had to change front lights, I couldn’t get over it 🙂

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