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Porsche Cayenne Coupé

– Porsche is planning Cayenne Coupé –  4 door coupe could hit the market in 2 years Carmakers are on a mission to supply  rich people without need of space with luxurious  coupé-SUV. We have BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé at the moment. Rumour has it Range Rover comes with same type of car […]

Škoda Rapid RS

–  Octavia RS could come in coupé version –  Upgraded version is upped to 227 hp and accelerates in 6,7 seconds Škoda Octavia RS, flagship of sport Škoda could be revealed as coupé. Hopefully it wouldn’t come in diesel-powered version which sounds bad and got only 181 hp. Petrol sounds way better and its been […]

Volkswagen Touareg 2017

–  New Touareg is expected to be revealed later this year –  Car could share plug-in hybrid powertrain with Audi Q7 New Volkswagen Touareg is on its way to the market targeting end of this year. Design should be influenced by smaller Tiguan so I’ve decided to create my own Touareg. New model will receive a […]

Range Rover Discovery Coupe 2017

–  Range Rover is planning coupé-SUV –  Car will be based on L550 platform, same as Discovery Sport Land Rover lately acquisited by India’s largest automobile manufacturer  Tata Motors has new plans. After huge success of BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE, Tata is developing a new Sports Utility Vehicle based on Land Rover Discovery Sport. It should get […]

Jaguar F-Type Pick-up

–  F-Type SVR got 575 hp and top speed 195 mph (314 km/h) –  This is the only pick up version you will ever see Ok, I know this looks a bit crazy… We will probably never see Jaguar F-Type in Pick-up version. I got bit curious about it anyway. Let me know what you […]

Tesla Model 3 SpaceTourer

–  Tesla could fight this way against all-electric BMW 3 series –  Elon Musk has not said single word about SpaceTourer Not very popular in USA but in Europe it is kind of phenomenon. Speaking of Variant, Touring, SpaceTourer, Estate, Kombi, ShootingBrake (call it how you want) I was thinking if Tesla will ever aim […]

BMW 5 Gran Turismo 2017

–  New 5 series waits for Gran Turismo version –  M550i spec bests the outgoing M5 BMW 5 series G30 was released couple months ago followed by Touring G31. New generation is far lighter than its predecessor. While there is no carbon tech in the new 5 Series there is an impressive amount of other lightweight materials. But […]

Tesla Model 3 Roadster

–  Roadster is expected to launch in 2019 – It could be based on Model 3 Tesla is working hard on a new Roadster  for an expected launch in 2019. CEO of the company Elon Musk said it should be bigger, faster and better and I have no problem in believing him. Roadster could fill performance […]

Škoda Superb Facelift

  – Jozef Kabaň, designer of Škoda moves to BMW – Actual designer Karim Habib left the company of his own accord Jozef Kaban, 44 years old designer originally from Slovakia made huge decision in his life. He decided to move from Škoda to main BMW brand.  His sharp shapes became legendary after “4 eyes” facelift […]

Nissan LEAF II

–  The second generation Nissan Leaf will have a range of at least 200 miles –  New battery pack will have capacity of 60 kilowatt-hours The current Leaf are not the electric range professionals in its category. LEAFs are coming in two version with 24kWh and optional 30kWh pack, the one with bigger batter has a […]